Pittsburgh – Built from Steel, but Stealing Hearts

Pittsburgh is built from a long history of iron and then, most notably, steel. It was an industrial city, once filled with factories and steel mills. It was a place where people could go find work, and the city was soon populated with immigrants, especially those from Scotland and Ireland.

Some ethnic neighborhoods still remain in Pittsburgh as a reminder times when these immigrants settled here to find work. For example, North Shore and the North Side still have a very German flavor. Meanwhile, Bloomfield is distinctly an Italian neighborhood, complete with bistros and eateries. Walking through the variety of neighborhoods here is a little bit like taking a day trip through the entirety of Europe.

Pittsburgh's_bridgesLower Bloomfield Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh is also host to four Carnegie Museums:  the Carnegie Museum of Art, the Carnegie Museum of Natural History, the Carnegie Science Center and the Andy Warhol Museum. It’s easy to become a member of these Carnegie (named after steel industrialist Andrew Carnegie) museums. Once you sign up to be a member for a small cost, you get free admission for a year to all of these museums listed, plus free admission to a variety of other museums nationwide.

If you have children or are a kid at heart, then come visit the Pittsburgh Zoo. The zoo is split into different sections, including the African Savanna, the Asian Forest, Kids Kingdom, Bears, PPG Aquarium, the Tropical Forest and the Water’s Edge. You can purchase a “zoo key” for your kids, which can be inserted into displays at each exhibit in order to hear interesting information and a short, catchy song about the animal.

Want to do something a little cheesy and touristy? You’ll love a trip with Pittsburgh’s Just Ducky tours. Every tour begins on land in the middle of the historic Station Square. You’ll drive through Downtown Pittsburgh next, where you can see the Cultural Districts. If you’re a fan of beautiful architecture, Just Ducky tours offer lots of time to take great photos. In fact, one of the best times to photograph the city skyline is when you suddenly drive straight into the river. Yes, this vehicle is not limited to just land; it also turns into a boat on a whim! You can recognize these tours by the over-the-top tour vehicles, complete with a horn that quacks.

Steelers fans will know exactly where we are headed next:  Heinz Field. During the football season, tickets are in high demand. These tickets can become incredibly expensive, but the cost is often worth it for the unique experience of sitting with thousands of rabid Steelers fans. The fun doesn’t stop after the season ends. Events continue even when football season is over.

Pittsburgh marketsquarePittsburgh Stadium

You can actually ride the Gateway Clipper like a shuttle in order to get o Heinz Field. What is the Gateway Clipper? It’s a fleet a tree riverboats that tour the three rivers of Pittsburgh. Besides acting as shuttles to games, they also offer sightseeing and dinner cruises.

If you’re dying to hear some live music, Pittsburgh has plenty to offer. There are music venues all over Pittsburgh, so it’s really just a matter of what or who you want to see. For big names, check out the Mellon Arena or the Post-Gazette Pavilion. One of the newest venues, Stage AE on the North Side, also consistently shows big names like Marilyn Manson and Modest Mouse. Besides these big arenas, there are also many small venues where bands play in a more intimate setting.

Pittsburgh nightlifeAndy Warhol Museum Pittsburgh

The South Side is the ultimate place to be entertained if you’re into nightlife. There are hundreds of clubs, bars and other hot spots. The South Side also is a mish-mash of dining styles. Whether you want to eat in a classy restaurant or grab some quick comfort food, you’ll find somewhere you’ll and your date will love.

The museums we mentioned before plus Heinz Field all lie on the opposite side of the city, in the North Side. However, a simple bus ride or cab can take you all the way from one side of the city to the other, so Pittsburgh can be traversed easily. You can visit multiple attractions in one day, although you might want to dedicate an entire day to just one location if you find it particularly interesting. Kids and family can easily spend entire days at the museums or the zoo.

If you’re planning on visiting Pittsburgh, make arrangements to stay for more than one day. You won’t regret having extra time to see everything. Stay in one of the many Pittsburgh hotels or bed and breakfasts, then wake up to the great skyline and friendly people of Pittsburgh. It’s truly a place that has all the convenience of a city with the charm of an old, historic village. There is no other city quite like Pittsburgh.

Travel report from Pittsburgh by Brittany

Torrevieja – Pearl Of The Mediterranean

Offering 320 days of sunshine and boasting the healthiest and cleanest air quality in Europe, Torrevieja is also known as the ‘Pearl of the Mediterranean’ Located just 45 minutes from two major airports, Alicante and Murcia (San Javier) Torrevieja is Spain’s fastest growing and most multicultural small city, with 124 nationalities making up the population of almost 104,000 registered residents. Torrevieja has its own microclimate, having a ring of mountains 30-kilometers away, two of Europe’s largest salt lakes, five Blue Flag beaches and parkland, which accounts for almost 65% of the municipality.

Torrevieja has long history of maritime affairs. It has not one, but three marinas, with berthing for more than 1,200 yachts, making it one of the biggest in the Mediterranean and most visited by those cruising along the coast. The city has an ever-expanding floating museum that attracts over 100,000 unique visitors each year. This includes the completely restored Pascual Flores, the last yacht that was built on the city’s beaches, back in 1917; the Albatross III Customs Boat and Spain’s only decommissioned submarine that is open to the public, the Delfin S61. Torrevieja has a number of rowing teams and are Spanish Champions in different categories. Each year there are a number of sailing regattas including the Optimist series for youth sailors, plus kayaking, power boating and scuba diving, not to mention swimming from the city’s fine, white sand, beaches.

Torrevieja_alicantetorrevieja beach

One of the best Sports facilities is Spain is found in Torrevieja. For a city of its size, there is nothing else to rival it anywhere in the country. The complex possesses four pavilions; in one an Olympic size swimming pool, which is used for national championships, synchronised swimming and International water polo, a 5,000 seat sports area for handball, football, gymnastics and concerts; the second is specifically designed for gymnastics, fitness and sports therapy; the third houses a gymnasium and squash courts while the fourth is also used for handball, basketball, indoor football, gymnastics and roller hockey.

The complex also has three full size artificial grass football pitches, with stadium seating, an athletic complex with grass for football, rugby and cricket and a 400 metre track, an International standard multi-use football/rugby facility, the Nelson Mandela Stadium, tennis, font-tennis and padel courts plus a municipal football stadium, with seating for 8,000 spectators, the Vicente Garcia. The facilities are popular for competitions, tournaments and where International teams can train year round for football and rugby, due to the city’s temperate climate.

Torrevieja fiesta gigantesTorrevieja church maculada

Culture plays a big part as a local attraction. Each month the city has at least one fiesta, which includes the International Habaneras Choir Competition, Semana Santa Easter Processions, Carnival, the May Fair, Three Kings Christmas Parades and performances in the city’s three city centre theatres. Torrevieja has just opened its Conservatory of Music and International Music Auditorium and Convention Centre, which can cater for up to 1,400 spectators for a performance.

There are four exhibition rooms and five museums around the city with a fifth, the new Semana Santa museum in construction while in July the City shall also host a local Titanic Exhibition, one of the very few in the region (www.TitanicExpo.com). When it comes to large-scale events, the city also has a performance area that holds upwards of 35,000 spectators and the city has welcomed such artists as Shakira, OMD, REM, Raphael, The Commitments, Bachelors, Supremes, Glen Miller and Count Bassie Big Bands, Lionel Blair, Frank Carson, Roy Walker, Jimmy Cricket and the Temptations. The list just goes on and on.

Torrevieja Monumento MediterraneoTorrevieja Monumento Coralista

There is plenty to do for kids; two Aquaparks, go-karts, amusement centre, fun fairs, regular circus visits, bowling, plus courses in football, rugby, swimming, tennis, languages and of course the excellent beaches. The region has a number of fine hotels, a four star Spa resort and many other hotels and guesthouses close by. Spain’s largest shopping mall is being built ten minutes drive away while there is plenty of shopping in the down town and commercial areas offering everything you need. Torrevieja is one of those cities that has something for everyone, as long as you know what you are looking for.

City Break In Budapest

Hungary has always been a perfect place to spend holidays. Especially, the capital of this country, Budapest is one of the premium city & perfect place to spend a peaceful holiday. From the Ottoman civilization, this particular city of the Hungary is bit famous for its panoramic beauty. River Danube has flown almost middle of the city & it adds an extra feather to the beauty of this city.

In past, this country was ruled by the Ottoman. They constructed & develop this city nicely. Later on, its fame & unique culture seamlessly integrates through its collaborative concept. In present time, it is one of the crucial & great tourist spot in the Europe.


The main attraction of this city is the chain bridge, which is built up above the river Danube & the diversity of this city. River Danube has flown throughout the city & the length of this river within the city is not more than 30 km. The unique architecture of these bridges continues to enthrall the worldwide visitor’s every day. The parliament of Budapest is situated at the bank of the river Danube. It is on great historical places to visit. Next to the parliament, another most important thing to go is House of Terror. It is wrapped by a melancholy, tragic story of torture & murder. This particular place reflects the history of the communists & fascists. The opera house of this city is well-known to all. The beneficial point for the tourists is that the price of ticket here is very cheap compare to other.

Tourists can keep one thing in their mind that the first underground rail service in Europe was started in Budapest.

Coffee houses in this city have a special point of attraction. They have a historical background too. The names of few famous coffee houses in Budapest are, Gerbeaud, Ruzwurm, Ney York, Central etc.

To explore the inner story of the city one must has to visit the museum of the Budapest. Budapest is also well-known for the bathing. The mixed bathing is famous here from very past. Rudas is one of the famous places to take bath in Budapest.

This city is well connected to one part to another part. The transportation system is extremely well in this city. The transportation cost is also very cheap in this city.

The Hungarian food is also cheap & tasty to taste. Budapest is famous for shopping. Even, on the verge of the new technological era people doing bargaining there to cut down the price of anything.

Budapest, no doubt is famous for its vintage culture. Once, communists stayed over here. In modern days, if anyone goes there then that person can see a perfect blend of a conservative life style & flamboyant life style. Yes, nowadays this city is also famous for its night life.

Most of the renowned air lines are well connected with this city. One can easily go there to grab any of them & can spend best holiday over there.

Holiday In Cambodia

When the thought of visiting Asia comes to the mind then one of the names that top the list is indeed Cambodia. This country is indeed one of the hot spot for tourism in Asia and the city is brimming with all the major tourist spots. Reaching Cambodia is very easy and quite cheap in comparison to any other city in Asia as major flight carrier from all over the world has their bi weekly or weekly flights to this city. The country is actually situated at the south western peninsula of Indochina border and major flights are connected to the capital city of the country Phnom Penh.


Cambodia has one of the major landscape which includes Tonle Sap (Great Lake) and the Bassac River Systems. The natural beauty and the dense forest of the country is the heritage of this country and that draws almost 50% of the tourist to this peninsula country. Now coming to the places to visit do start with the famous  Angkor Archeological Park which takes one back to the historical times as the park does have big monuments and light and sound show in the evening does take one live to the historic magnificent and rich past of the Cambodia at its best. The Temples down here are a must visit for any tourist. As a tourist start from the main city

Phnom Penh this capital also does have a lot to offer as the national museum of the city is surely a spectacular and must visit to get the essence of the country’s past and present. The capital city even has the spectacular “The Wat Phnom Hill” is the only town situated at a tree-covered knoll which is almost 28 meters high. It is famous that prayers do get answered here at the three tier pagodas which among the first in the region holding three Buddha statues in it .Even a visit to the independence monument of the country is placed in this city. Now coming out of the city the next best place to chill out is at one of the most beautiful beach of the city “Sihanoukville” the beautiful beach town brimming with beauty and peace .


The gulf of Thailand waters before and exotic sea food prepared by some of the best chefs of the country will surely give the “nirvana “at its best. There are ample hotels and facilities in this beachy township to give the best experience to the tourists. The next best hot spot is the nature’s blessing place called “Rattanakiri” situated at the northern plague the province is well known for its natural beauty and natural resource. Beautiful crater lakes, waterfalls and forest cover is surely going to suffice the breath of fresh air that all one need.


The list goes on with the visit to the “Banteay Chhmar Temple “ this temple is well known for its enormousity of area and its physical location. The temple gives the perfect sense of the lost Khmer city as the nearby all remains of the temples of that age. It’s indeed a great discovery for everyone who visits the temples. The country is of infinite tourism possibilities and as new avenues like scuba diving, exotic hotels and such amenities are growing the visit to this country is a must and it is needless to say that the best cuisine of sea food can be best experienced in this country. The country is sure to amaze one in every aspect and a family holiday destination to this country is sure make a special place in everyone’s heart forever.

Dénia – Costa Blanca Beauty

Whenever the picture of Spain comes to the mind the beautiful Mediterranean sea comes in flash and the beautiful cities those lay along its coast line. One of the most beautiful city of Spain that lies along the coast of Mediterranean sea is “DENIA”the small town is at place between Alicante and the well-known Valencia .This small town along the coast line is popular to draw huge crowd from all over Europe along its beaches as the summer days are warm and the panoramic view of the of the place with the warm weather makes it a true hang out domain.

denia alicanteDenia_puerto

The city is blessed with a population of 35000 who are well known for their warm and affectionate nature and arms open for the world .There are loads of places to visit in this small town of Europe like the Castle of Denia which is almost 19 km off the coast of Mediterranean. It looks like the town is crafted for tourism as variety of beaches are available to hang out on as the north is well known for smooth sandy beaches the beaches at south is of little rocky. The exceptional maintenance and eco-friendly concept for the promotion of the beaches have forced the European govt to give the beaches of Denia blue flags.The archeological importance of the town is also of great importance as the town was ruled by Romans as well as Iberians for a long span of time. The castles of the town do depict the traces of these civilizations quite efficiently.

The next most important thing that comes to the mind of tourist is how to get there and the cost of the staying and hanging out at that place. The town is well connected by road and the railways connections to the town are also up to the mark. The connection to the town can be done by especially narrow gauge railway and even the national highway -332 also does pass close by this beautiful town. The water way connection to the town is also feasible as there is direct boat transport facility from Balearics at a nominal and affordable price range. This town was initially a fishing port and still it contributes to the fishing community and supply from this throughout the Spain is well known so it is also to be kept in mind that the local sea food dishes are sure to keep in mind to munch upon.


The feast upon shell fish and numerous other fish preparations with the famous paella that is quite popular throughout Spain are to be kept in mind while dinning at any restaurant at this town.  For casual shopping along the streets for souvenirs it also a mandatory to have a look at the fresh fruit and vegetable market are one of the best attractions .The joy of visit can be doubled if one can be during the festive season like during “Cabalgata Reyes Magos” generally during 4-5th of January every year and Romeria Ermita de Sta, San Roc. “Moros y Cristianos”. Paula during 26th January every year and the list of festivals goes on throughout the year .The small town along the coast line is sure to indulge the days in comfort ,excitement and loads of fun. There are numerous guest houses, house on rent and hotels throughout the town with excellent facilities to suffice regular needs. The official bookings for holidays can be done from numerous websites and surely the visit to this town will be a treasured memory forever. A memorable experience waits for every visitor to this town.

Sightseeing on the Costa Blanca Spain

Sightseeing on the Costa Blanca Spain. Do you dream of long summer days, lounging on a beach with friendly people and spending your time soaking in the Mediterranean? You’ll love Spain, specifically their Costa Blanca, a beautiful stretch of Mediterranean coastline in the province of Alicante. Your holiday can be spent exactly how you’ve dreamed: relaxing, sunny and warm. The weather isn’t the only thing that is sunny and warm; the people here are happy to see you and are always ready for a conversation. Holidays in Spain are made that much better when you allow yourself to be completely absorbed by the culture.

These holiday rentals in Spain could be a lot less expensive than you think. Do some research on all of the available homes and options. You’re sure to find something that will fit you and your family perfectly. There is a price range for any budget, so don’t be afraid to consider this fantastic area for your next holiday. Your stay here will be memorable yet relaxing, exactly what you want. The Costa Blanca has a way of putting you in the right mood and keeping you there for the entirety of your stay. Once you leave, you’ll wish your home could be a little bit more like Spain.


There are plenty of seaside cities that have holiday rentals in Spain. Try one of the lovely homes in Jávea Spain. Javea has a long history, but it also has adapted to a growing tourism industry, meaning that there are plenty of exciting venues to visit. Residents of Javea would like to make you feel at home and keep you coming back for more of their beautiful city. These people are warm and welcoming, and they will make you feel as though you have been old friends forever. The best way to experience Javea is to allow yourself to be completely swallowed up by the strong culture there.

Javea Spain is the home of many friendly Spanish people who would love to show you how wonderful holidays in Spain can be, and they’ll welcome you to join them in their annual festivals. Each year in May, the Fiesta de Santa Cruz happens, and all of the residents have a contest of who can make the most beautiful cross out of flowers. The Fiesta de Nuestra Señora del Carmen takes place every July. This is the fiesta of the sailors, and the sailors spend the morning on the water, celebrating the Virgin Mary by scattering flowers. These festivals are beautiful ceremonies with a long tradition, so watching the residents of the city taking part of them can be extremely moving. Spaniards are known for their intense sense of religion and history. These festivals are something you can only experience in Spain.

If you do choose to stay in Javea Spain, be sure to check out Javea Old Town. This section of the city offers you the best uniquely Spanish experience that you could ever dream of. Wander down the narrow streets and get lost in the history. Just be careful to not get lost for real! These streets are designed quite differently from any streets you’ll find in the United States or the United Kingdom. Take a map, but allow yourself to turn down quiet roads and peek your head into one of the many cafes. This is a part of the city remains true to the Spanish culture. You’ll get the most authentic experience here, and you won’t regret seeing these beautiful Spanish buildings and restaurants.

Gastronomia2-xabia paella valencianoPlaya_de_la_Granadella

However, be warned:  Once you stay in one of these cities, it will draw you back for another holiday. You will think of your holiday rental as your own, your personal retreat. These holiday rentals in Spain won’t disappoint you; you’ll be back for more. Once you go home, your heart will always keep a piece of Spain and always long for another experience there.

Spain’s people are warm and personable. Strangers become friends easily. You might get the sense that they know something about living that you don’t know, something that makes more fun and interesting. The cities on the Costa Blanca want you to feel at home. Visitors are always amazed by the amount of effort the townspeople put in to making sure that everyone is having a relaxing holiday.

Don’t wait any longer to fulfill your dreams. The many holiday rentals in Spain are calling for you. Now all you have to do is book a rental and get on your way. Spend your time a little more like a Spaniard:  relax, socialize and be happy. Take the chance now and make sure that you’ve seen this unforgettable area in Spain. The Costa Blanca will stay in your heart forever, and you might even get “homesick” for your new favorite holiday spot.


Uruguay in South America

Hello dear readers,

My name is Annie and I am gonna talk about Uruguay. Some of you -probably if you live in the US- won’t even know where Uruguay is, so let me explain; It is a country in South America located between Argentina and Brazil and has 3 million people living in it. If you take a look at a map you will notice it’s very small in comparison with its brothers but it wouldn’t be so small if it was placed in Central America, Europe or next to Japan.

Weather: Uruguay is in the south of the continent, it means its not tropical, so you shouldn’t expect to find monkey, bananas and semi naked girls dancing in a yate in the Caribean sea. What can you expect? A very humid country with cold winters without snow and nicely hot summers. Average temperature in winter during the day is 13C and 31C in summer.


The people – Uruguayan have strong mediterranean european roots, 80% of the population are direct descendants of Spaniards and Italians though they don’t yell while talking. You can be sure Uruguayans are very easy going, highly educated and respectful. They will try to help you whenever they can. Uruguayan are modern and conservative at the same time; Most of them agree with same sex marriage, marijuana legalization and abortion, but at the same time they don’t like to stand out in any way. They have low profile in almost all they do. They are the opposite of the Brazilian who are so colorful, outgoing and happy. Uruguayan might look gray, but they are happy in their own way.

Carnaval in Uruguay: Tablado and "Desfile de Llamadas" parade respectively.

Traditions:Uruguay has the longest carnival in the world. Yes, 24 days of nightly shows. All this happens through February so if you happen to be there by that time make sure to go to the “tablado” (something like a public show with singing and acting). Even the black population is less than 2% Uruguay most popular carnival parade is called “Desfile de Llamadas” that honours the black slaves that came from Africa.

Drinking mate everywhere, even in the stadium.

Drinking “mate” is a strong tradition in the country as well. It is a hot beverage with “yerba” and hot tea and everyone drinks it; young, old, poor or rich, it makes no difference, just like AIDS. You will see the people drinking mate on the streets or malls even schools and work places.

Montevideo twilight

Something you must know if you want to try it: mate is a drink that people share, it means everyone suck from the same “bombilla”. Uruguayans won’t invite you because they think you won’t like it (since it has bitter taste) so you will have to ask for it.

Montevideo:Its the main city and the capitol of the country with more than the 50% of the population living there.

Places to go: Mercado del Puerto (to try the better meat in the world), la rambla (boardwalking), Parque Rodo (nice park in front of the river), Ciudad Vieja (the old part of the city), street markets, the neighborhoods Pocitos, Centro, Carrasco.

Street market in Montevideo

There are tons of things to do in Montevideo, you can always ask for info in one of the many touristic spots, just remember if you’re looking for beaches you have to go to the north.

Beaches:If you go to Uruguay I suggest you do it in summer time.

Punta del Este

Uruguay got some amazing beaches on cute towns with original landscape and charming names like “Punta del Diablo” (it includes the word Devil in it). I will talk about 3:

      • Jose Ignacio and Punta del Este

        Punta del Este:If you like posh beach resorts with expensive mansions and crazy parties for rich people then you should go there. Will have lots of things to do during the day and night. Have in mind you will need some cash to spend and some of the parties are private so you won’t get invited. This beach resort/city is also the chosen place for Argentinians who like to brag about their vacations to their co-workers. Lately it’s been a favorite for cruisers too so you will find people from all around the world including actors and singers who like to go there.

      • Cabo Polonio

        Cabo Polonio:You will love this place if you’re a hippy at heart (or a true romantic). This is the true example of a natural landscape surrounded by sand, sea and sea wolves. This beach resort doesn’t have electricity or water and that’s on purpose: the Rocha minister wants it that way, to preserve the natural side of it. Going there will be a great beautiful experience for sure.

      • Punta del Diablo

        Punta del Diablo:This one is my personal favorite. It’s a small fishermen town that get their peace interrupted every summer by crazy people wanting to have fun. Yes, this beach resort is the chosen one of the youth. If you’re in you’re 20’s you will have the time of your life there. Warning: if you want to go with your family instead, don’t do it on the first week of January because that’s crowded with the horny youth looking to get your daughters. So anyways, the town has cute little cabins in front of the sea, several places to eat, pubs to drink and night clubs to go in the night.

Diego Forlan main goalie in Uruguay and best player in the world in 2010
2011 American champions

Sports: Uruguay loves football! Did you know the first World Cup happened in Uruguay? And they won it! That happened in 1930, and they won the cup again in 1950 and finished among the semi-finalists in South Africa 2010. Also Uruguay is the country with more American Cups (15), including the last one in 2011. All this is amazing if you think they only have 3 million people.

The main football teams and Nacional and Peñarol and if you want to experience football passion from the inside you can go to the Centenario stadium in Montevideo to see a game.

Food:Meat meat meat! What, are you a vegetarian? Then you will have some trouble finding proper vegetarian (let alone vegan) food. Uruguay has the best meat in the world and they export it to the world making that their #1 money resource. If you like meat you have to try “Asado”, ” “Chivito”, “Choripan”. Other than meat you can also try “Torta fritas” “Dulce de leche” “Alfajores” “Ricarditos”, and don’t forget the national alcoholic drink: Grapamiel!

Uruguayan "asado"

Tip: If you want to get some uruguayan love then don’t confuse them with Argentinians. Yes, they look the same, the roots are the same and speak with the same accent but these are different countries and Uruguay has a brotherly love/hate relationship with Argentina because of football and them giving themselves credit for Uruguayan things like dulce de leche, asado or empanadas. Deep inside they love each other but don’t say things like ”you look like Argentinians”.

Well, basically this is all you have to know about that beautiful country Uruguay.
I let this video I like very much because the objectivity of it. Enjoy!

City Holiday In Aalborg

Aalborg is the 4th biggest city in the kingdom of Denmark, but potentially the most vibrant and interesting town apart from the capital. In Aalborg you can explore centuries of danish culture as the city has well maintained and accessible memories from its own ancient history as it developed from a fortified trades post and fisherman’s town to a classic industrialized manufacturing city and onwards to a forward looking and modern center of culture and education.

To those interested in history and architecture there are well preserved old castles and townhouses, an underground museum under the main pedestrian streets taking you by elevator down into a fascinating excavated display of the areas ancient history. One location of particular interest will be Jens Bang’s House which is a salient example of spectacular historic architecture. Such examples are found all over the town of Aalborg, but generally in the form of actively used buildings such as the ancient monastery, the underground cave bar and shops elegantly built into ancient architectural pearls.

city holiday in aalborg denmarkcity holiday in aalborg denmark

Aalborg is far from just a working museum celebrating the past though, new and interesting buildings are found all over town. A prime example is the Utzon museum by the fjord that separates the two parts of town. The building celebrates the architecture Utzon, who designed the famous opera house in Sydney – but in reality it stands out in its own right with interesting shapes and a wealth of cultural activities inside.

Speaking of cultural activities, don´t you dare cheating yourself out of the complex called Nordkraft. From the outside it looks like a giant industrial factory building – and in fact that is exactly what it was. A classic industrial coal power plant in the middle of town, but genius visionaries have transformed it into one of the most vibrant and riveting cultural powerhouses (pun intended lol) in northern Europe. Nordkraft houses a literal flood wave of cultural entities including a music venue, several theaters and performing arts groups and workshops … all of it carefully fitted into the old coal power plant production halls, cellars and cavernous rooms. You can almost smell the sweat of tireless workers feeding the plant a hundred years ago whilst wandering the wondrous halls of modern culture, experimental theater or watch an independent movie in the underground cinema Biffen Aalborg.

Nordkraft aalborg

It may sound as though Aalborg is exclusively about culture, architecture and history, but in fact it has a reputation as the party capital of Denmark as well. Not least due to the bar strip Jomfru Ane Gade (Virgin Ane Street). Jomfru Ane Gade is one long strip of old traditional townhouses made into bars, restaurants and discotheques. During the weekend the narrow little pedestrian street is a pure haven for party people of all ages. Unlike many other bar strips around the world, Jomfru Ane Gade is surprisingly peaceful and friendly in its atmosphere. Despite the huge crowds, the excessive intake of alcohol and the loud disco music a happy and welcoming vibe is generally always in the air.

Nothing beats a night out in Aalborg. Apart from Jomfru Ane Gade every street corner has a traditional danish bodega, the casino is tempting the gamblers, strip clubs are readily available and fancy cafés are spread out all over town with the most famous one being Ib Rene Cairo

jomfru ane gade aalborg denmark

Apart from the parties Aalborg caters to families with a nice choice of activities such as guided boat tours on the fjord, an impressive zoo, an annual carneval and weekly live music events, several amusement arcades and trips to the small island Egholm with all its natural beauty and a traditional inn serving fresh fish and other delicate dishes.

Aalborg is a relatively small town for a city holiday but has plenty of offerings to keep you amused and interested throughout your stay, whether you love to party, study architecture or simply fancy a nice varied time in a charming city full of activities and sightseeing attractions.