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Dénia – Costa Blanca Beauty

Whenever the picture of Spain comes to the mind the beautiful Mediterranean sea comes in flash and the beautiful cities those lay along its coast line. One of the most beautiful city of Spain that lies along the coast of Mediterranean sea is “DENIA”the small town is at place between Alicante and the well-known Valencia .This small town along the coast line is popular to draw huge crowd from all over Europe along its beaches as the summer days are warm and the panoramic view of the of the place with the warm weather makes it a true hang out domain.

denia alicanteDenia_puerto

The city is blessed with a population of 35000 who are well known for their warm and affectionate nature and arms open for the world .There are loads of places to visit in this small town of Europe like the Castle of Denia which is almost 19 km off the coast of Mediterranean. It looks like the town is crafted for tourism as variety of beaches are available to hang out on as the north is well known for smooth sandy beaches the beaches at south is of little rocky. The exceptional maintenance and eco-friendly concept for the promotion of the beaches have forced the European govt to give the beaches of Denia blue flags.The archeological importance of the town is also of great importance as the town was ruled by Romans as well as Iberians for a long span of time. The castles of the town do depict the traces of these civilizations quite efficiently.

The next most important thing that comes to the mind of tourist is how to get there and the cost of the staying and hanging out at that place. The town is well connected by road and the railways connections to the town are also up to the mark. The connection to the town can be done by especially narrow gauge railway and even the national highway -332 also does pass close by this beautiful town. The water way connection to the town is also feasible as there is direct boat transport facility from Balearics at a nominal and affordable price range. This town was initially a fishing port and still it contributes to the fishing community and supply from this throughout the Spain is well known so it is also to be kept in mind that the local sea food dishes are sure to keep in mind to munch upon.


The feast upon shell fish and numerous other fish preparations with the famous paella that is quite popular throughout Spain are to be kept in mind while dinning at any restaurant at this town.  For casual shopping along the streets for souvenirs it also a mandatory to have a look at the fresh fruit and vegetable market are one of the best attractions .The joy of visit can be doubled if one can be during the festive season like during “Cabalgata Reyes Magos” generally during 4-5th of January every year and Romeria Ermita de Sta, San Roc. “Moros y Cristianos”. Paula during 26th January every year and the list of festivals goes on throughout the year .The small town along the coast line is sure to indulge the days in comfort ,excitement and loads of fun. There are numerous guest houses, house on rent and hotels throughout the town with excellent facilities to suffice regular needs. The official bookings for holidays can be done from numerous websites and surely the visit to this town will be a treasured memory forever. A memorable experience waits for every visitor to this town.