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Sightseeing on the Costa Blanca Spain

Sightseeing on the Costa Blanca Spain. Do you dream of long summer days, lounging on a beach with friendly people and spending your time soaking in the Mediterranean? You’ll love Spain, specifically their Costa Blanca, a beautiful stretch of Mediterranean coastline in the province of Alicante. Your holiday can be spent exactly how you’ve dreamed: relaxing, sunny and warm. The weather isn’t the only thing that is sunny and warm; the people here are happy to see you and are always ready for a conversation. Holidays in Spain are made that much better when you allow yourself to be completely absorbed by the culture.

These holiday rentals in Spain could be a lot less expensive than you think. Do some research on all of the available homes and options. You’re sure to find something that will fit you and your family perfectly. There is a price range for any budget, so don’t be afraid to consider this fantastic area for your next holiday. Your stay here will be memorable yet relaxing, exactly what you want. The Costa Blanca has a way of putting you in the right mood and keeping you there for the entirety of your stay. Once you leave, you’ll wish your home could be a little bit more like Spain.


There are plenty of seaside cities that have holiday rentals in Spain. Try one of the lovely homes in Jávea Spain. Javea has a long history, but it also has adapted to a growing tourism industry, meaning that there are plenty of exciting venues to visit. Residents of Javea would like to make you feel at home and keep you coming back for more of their beautiful city. These people are warm and welcoming, and they will make you feel as though you have been old friends forever. The best way to experience Javea is to allow yourself to be completely swallowed up by the strong culture there.

Javea Spain is the home of many friendly Spanish people who would love to show you how wonderful holidays in Spain can be, and they’ll welcome you to join them in their annual festivals. Each year in May, the Fiesta de Santa Cruz happens, and all of the residents have a contest of who can make the most beautiful cross out of flowers. The Fiesta de Nuestra Señora del Carmen takes place every July. This is the fiesta of the sailors, and the sailors spend the morning on the water, celebrating the Virgin Mary by scattering flowers. These festivals are beautiful ceremonies with a long tradition, so watching the residents of the city taking part of them can be extremely moving. Spaniards are known for their intense sense of religion and history. These festivals are something you can only experience in Spain.

If you do choose to stay in Javea Spain, be sure to check out Javea Old Town. This section of the city offers you the best uniquely Spanish experience that you could ever dream of. Wander down the narrow streets and get lost in the history. Just be careful to not get lost for real! These streets are designed quite differently from any streets you’ll find in the United States or the United Kingdom. Take a map, but allow yourself to turn down quiet roads and peek your head into one of the many cafes. This is a part of the city remains true to the Spanish culture. You’ll get the most authentic experience here, and you won’t regret seeing these beautiful Spanish buildings and restaurants.

Gastronomia2-xabia paella valencianoPlaya_de_la_Granadella

However, be warned:  Once you stay in one of these cities, it will draw you back for another holiday. You will think of your holiday rental as your own, your personal retreat. These holiday rentals in Spain won’t disappoint you; you’ll be back for more. Once you go home, your heart will always keep a piece of Spain and always long for another experience there.

Spain’s people are warm and personable. Strangers become friends easily. You might get the sense that they know something about living that you don’t know, something that makes more fun and interesting. The cities on the Costa Blanca want you to feel at home. Visitors are always amazed by the amount of effort the townspeople put in to making sure that everyone is having a relaxing holiday.

Don’t wait any longer to fulfill your dreams. The many holiday rentals in Spain are calling for you. Now all you have to do is book a rental and get on your way. Spend your time a little more like a Spaniard:  relax, socialize and be happy. Take the chance now and make sure that you’ve seen this unforgettable area in Spain. The Costa Blanca will stay in your heart forever, and you might even get “homesick” for your new favorite holiday spot.