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City Holiday In Aalborg

Aalborg is the 4th biggest city in the kingdom of Denmark, but potentially the most vibrant and interesting town apart from the capital. In Aalborg you can explore centuries of danish culture as the city has well maintained and accessible memories from its own ancient history as it developed from a fortified trades post and fisherman’s town to a classic industrialized manufacturing city and onwards to a forward looking and modern center of culture and education.

To those interested in history and architecture there are well preserved old castles and townhouses, an underground museum under the main pedestrian streets taking you by elevator down into a fascinating excavated display of the areas ancient history. One location of particular interest will be Jens Bang’s House which is a salient example of spectacular historic architecture. Such examples are found all over the town of Aalborg, but generally in the form of actively used buildings such as the ancient monastery, the underground cave bar and shops elegantly built into ancient architectural pearls.

city holiday in aalborg denmarkcity holiday in aalborg denmark

Aalborg is far from just a working museum celebrating the past though, new and interesting buildings are found all over town. A prime example is the Utzon museum by the fjord that separates the two parts of town. The building celebrates the architecture Utzon, who designed the famous opera house in Sydney – but in reality it stands out in its own right with interesting shapes and a wealth of cultural activities inside.

Speaking of cultural activities, don´t you dare cheating yourself out of the complex called Nordkraft. From the outside it looks like a giant industrial factory building – and in fact that is exactly what it was. A classic industrial coal power plant in the middle of town, but genius visionaries have transformed it into one of the most vibrant and riveting cultural powerhouses (pun intended lol) in northern Europe. Nordkraft houses a literal flood wave of cultural entities including a music venue, several theaters and performing arts groups and workshops … all of it carefully fitted into the old coal power plant production halls, cellars and cavernous rooms. You can almost smell the sweat of tireless workers feeding the plant a hundred years ago whilst wandering the wondrous halls of modern culture, experimental theater or watch an independent movie in the underground cinema Biffen Aalborg.

Nordkraft aalborg

It may sound as though Aalborg is exclusively about culture, architecture and history, but in fact it has a reputation as the party capital of Denmark as well. Not least due to the bar strip Jomfru Ane Gade (Virgin Ane Street). Jomfru Ane Gade is one long strip of old traditional townhouses made into bars, restaurants and discotheques. During the weekend the narrow little pedestrian street is a pure haven for party people of all ages. Unlike many other bar strips around the world, Jomfru Ane Gade is surprisingly peaceful and friendly in its atmosphere. Despite the huge crowds, the excessive intake of alcohol and the loud disco music a happy and welcoming vibe is generally always in the air.

Nothing beats a night out in Aalborg. Apart from Jomfru Ane Gade every street corner has a traditional danish bodega, the casino is tempting the gamblers, strip clubs are readily available and fancy cafés are spread out all over town with the most famous one being Ib Rene Cairo

jomfru ane gade aalborg denmark

Apart from the parties Aalborg caters to families with a nice choice of activities such as guided boat tours on the fjord, an impressive zoo, an annual carneval and weekly live music events, several amusement arcades and trips to the small island Egholm with all its natural beauty and a traditional inn serving fresh fish and other delicate dishes.

Aalborg is a relatively small town for a city holiday but has plenty of offerings to keep you amused and interested throughout your stay, whether you love to party, study architecture or simply fancy a nice varied time in a charming city full of activities and sightseeing attractions.