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Holiday In Cambodia

When the thought of visiting Asia comes to the mind then one of the names that top the list is indeed Cambodia. This country is indeed one of the hot spot for tourism in Asia and the city is brimming with all the major tourist spots. Reaching Cambodia is very easy and quite cheap in comparison to any other city in Asia as major flight carrier from all over the world has their bi weekly or weekly flights to this city. The country is actually situated at the south western peninsula of Indochina border and major flights are connected to the capital city of the country Phnom Penh.


Cambodia has one of the major landscape which includes Tonle Sap (Great Lake) and the Bassac River Systems. The natural beauty and the dense forest of the country is the heritage of this country and that draws almost 50% of the tourist to this peninsula country. Now coming to the places to visit do start with the famous  Angkor Archeological Park which takes one back to the historical times as the park does have big monuments and light and sound show in the evening does take one live to the historic magnificent and rich past of the Cambodia at its best. The Temples down here are a must visit for any tourist. As a tourist start from the main city

Phnom Penh this capital also does have a lot to offer as the national museum of the city is surely a spectacular and must visit to get the essence of the country’s past and present. The capital city even has the spectacular “The Wat Phnom Hill” is the only town situated at a tree-covered knoll which is almost 28 meters high. It is famous that prayers do get answered here at the three tier pagodas which among the first in the region holding three Buddha statues in it .Even a visit to the independence monument of the country is placed in this city. Now coming out of the city the next best place to chill out is at one of the most beautiful beach of the city “Sihanoukville” the beautiful beach town brimming with beauty and peace .


The gulf of Thailand waters before and exotic sea food prepared by some of the best chefs of the country will surely give the “nirvana “at its best. There are ample hotels and facilities in this beachy township to give the best experience to the tourists. The next best hot spot is the nature’s blessing place called “Rattanakiri” situated at the northern plague the province is well known for its natural beauty and natural resource. Beautiful crater lakes, waterfalls and forest cover is surely going to suffice the breath of fresh air that all one need.


The list goes on with the visit to the “Banteay Chhmar Temple “ this temple is well known for its enormousity of area and its physical location. The temple gives the perfect sense of the lost Khmer city as the nearby all remains of the temples of that age. It’s indeed a great discovery for everyone who visits the temples. The country is of infinite tourism possibilities and as new avenues like scuba diving, exotic hotels and such amenities are growing the visit to this country is a must and it is needless to say that the best cuisine of sea food can be best experienced in this country. The country is sure to amaze one in every aspect and a family holiday destination to this country is sure make a special place in everyone’s heart forever.