Visit Key West Florida

Make A Plan To Visit The Southern State Of Florida To Enjoy All The Key West Activities

There is no denying that the state of Florida is a wonderful vacation place. People go there to visit the clubs Miami or to chill with their friends in Tampa. You could go a bit off route and relish in the Key West activities.

The Fun In Ocean Water

Of all the Key West activities, the category that people are most attracted to are water related. There is something to suit everyone.

From the simple fishing tours to cruises, you could go and sign up for many different things.

In this city of Florida, you can do those things that you and your friends have always talked about, like snorkeling and deep water diving. Kayaking is enjoyable when done with your group of friends.

Spend An Evening On A Beautiful Cruise

Among all water related Key West activities, the one that everyone will agree to is the cruising. There are daily excursions in the seasonal tourist months.

You will find that many different companies that offer different packages. So, you can choose the one that you find appropriate.

History And Art

If you are an academic or artistic type of a person, there are places in on the southernmost city of United States that will give you a pleasurable time.

  • There are three museums run by The Art And Historical Society that you could visit
  • Some galleries there are unique
  • Spend a few hours exploring the home of Florida’s first millionaire
  • Find something unusual at the Ripley’s Believe It Or Not! Auditorium
  • Learn something new at the Key West Shipwreck Treasure Museum
Shipwreck Treasures Museum Florida Key West
Shipwreck Treasures Museum Florida Key West by Graham C99

Bars In The Keys

Key West is home to many quaint bars. The old world charm mixed with the multi-cultural feel of the place will make you forget all the troubles of the real world.

The locals and tourists make an interesting blend of humans in the bars. Let visiting such bars be one of the Key West activities on your agenda.

Capt. Tonys Saloon at Key West Florida
Capt. Tonys Saloon at Key West Florida by Lana

A Nature Lover Can Be Delighted Too

A botanical garden filled with tropical plants that you had never seen before? Bring it on, right?

So, there are a few more things like Key West Butterfly And Nature Conservatory that could be beautiful and informative at the same time.

Bahama Mockingbird at Key West Botanical Garden
Bahama Mockingbird at Key West Botanical Garden by Isaac Sanchez

Some Popular Local Island Events

  • The month of April brings you the Taste of Key West
  • One of the many things held in January is the Key West Literary Seminar
  • PrideFest in June is interesting
  • Don’t miss the Fantasy Fest in October
Fantasy Fest in Key West Florida
Fantasy Fest in Key West Florida by Frank

The Unusual Island Things

While there, you must do the touristy thing and be open to anything. One of the strange Key West activities is the ‘ghosts and gravestones’ tour. There is more family friendly stuff to do like the Old Town Trolley Tour and the Conch Tour train.

Be Sure To Visit

This island is really warm, culturally diverse, beautiful and just in one word, fun. It can be visited with your wild group of friends, family or just with your partner.

Key West Florida
Key West Florida by Wilhelm Rosenkranz
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How to Get the Best North Vietnam Travel with Northeast Vietnam Tours

Do you want to maximize your North Vietnam travel? If so, you need to choose a reputable travel agency that can provide you with everything you need during the trip. The best way to find the right company is to do some research. But here, you don’t need to look any further. Viet Bamboo Travel is available to guide you throughout your trip while taking advantage of local tourist guide services.

North Vietnam Travel Guide
North Vietnam Travel Guide

Why Choose Vietnam?

Home to natural wonders and friendly people, Vietnam is one of the most visited countries in the world due to the beauty it offers when it comes to attractions and recreations. In a number of days, you can explore the stunning views offered by Northeast Vietnam. You can visit Hanoi, Bac Po cave, Cao Bang, and Lang Son to see some spectacular views of natural resources. On these North East Vietnam tours, you will also be allowed to experience the unique culture of this country as well as the traditional practices that until now are used by the locales.

For more options, you can choose Bich Dong, Tam Coc, Hoa Lu, and Halong Bay to see how majestic the views are. In this place, you will know how it feels to be in a paradise wherein loving people reside. With the diverse opportunities in terms of enjoyable tourists destination within Vietnam, you and relax with the whole family and eat some fresh menus. Not just those because you will also be guided by professional team in order to guarantee hassle-free tour around the amazing sites of Vietnam.

The wondrous region also takes pride in their picturesque delights that provides travelers ultimate relaxation. Did you know that the northern part of the country has many more fantastic views to offer? Well, if you will choose this tour agency, you will be guided in exploring the inner beauty of the island along with surprising views you’ve never seen before. By booking your Vietnam tour at Viet Bamboo Travel, rest assured that we will give you everything you need so that you will have a memorable vacation in the country.

Great Places to Enjoy Nature’s Beauty

In the mountainous region of Ha Giang, Cao Bang and Ba Be Lake, you are sure to love the beautiful sceneries while discovering more hidden treasure in the island. The breathtaking subculture and interesting views of northeastern Vietnam, you will understand why tourists always choose to visit the country whenever they have free time. If you want to experience some tribal villages as well as stunning nature, the Ba Be Lake is the place to be.

You will see how majestic the waterfalls are and the deep valleys and the rivers. Everything is in their natural condition so visitors gasp upon seeing the nature’s beauty in Vietnam. There are eco tours that are also offered if you want to take refreshing scenes in this paradise. You will surely love the hill tribe and their customs. What are you waiting for? Book your next trip with Viet Bamboo Travel and see how Vietnam can transform your trip!

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City Breaks In Valencia

Finding a good holiday spot within the affordable price range can be difficult in Spain. City breaks in Barcelona are popular but excessively expensive. The prices in Madrid have been shooting up in recent years too, however Valencia still stands out as an interesting and reasonably priced option featuring a perfect blend of historic monuments, vibrancy from a wealth of activities and modern architectural places of interest that are incomparable to any other city across Spain.


Valencia is one of the largest cities on the coast of Mediterranean sea and its brimming with natural treats like mountain terrains and the orange groves of this city are indeed a beauty to the eye. The city is a complete modern hi tech metropolitan center of arts, education and business. Valencia is a melting pot of nationalities, cultures and has engulfed in it the historical monuments and places marking a long and rich story spanning centuries.The colorful city of Valencia proudly present you one of the most beautiful beaches that not only Spain but the whole Europe can boast upon. Before going into much details about the tourist spots and vacation hangouts it is necessary to mention that the best time to visit Valencia is during March’s Las Fallas festival. Las Fallas is a massive celebration throughout the entire city and its surrounding suburbs and villages, that will give you an insight into the true meaning of Spanish fiestas.

The entire city is well connected by train, public bus services or even cycle can be a great option. The night life of Valencia is indeed one the best in Spain and that must be in a “must do” category if you wish to experience how the Spanish casually party.

The list of thing to see and do at Valencia is long. It would be suitable for most visitors to start with a shopping spree at the Mercado central market which gives one the true feeling of buzzing outdoor markets and also having a visual treat of the heritage architectural buildings surrounding the market. The next touch is to go for the real dip in history as one goes into the museum of Palacio del Marques de Dos Aguas. Then to get feeling of the renaissance period a visit to Basilica de la Virgen de los Desamparados is a must. It is located in Plaza de la Virgen which can be easily accessed from the main city square. After all these experiences it may be time to take advantage of the fact that food in the Valencia region is a lifetime of delicious experiences to be explored and there are numerous high quality restaurants like Navarro, Refugio, Restaurant del Carmen and Basilico. Valencia provides an authentic Mediterranean dining experience of steaks, Spanish tapas and paella, seafood preparations of crab and many other delicious dishes made out of fresh local raw materials.


For those particularly interested in architecture a visit to Plaza del Mercado (Placa Del Mercat) is recommended. The traditional Spanish square with outdoor cafes includes an architectural gem in the form of the building called Mercat Central which cannot be missed at any cost with its ancient and well preserved beauty. A similar location of historical and architectural interest is the gateway to the beautiful city that is “Torres de Quart”. The 15th century national monuments act as a entry welcoming tourists and residents alike to the happening city of Valencia.

After a long day of exploring the city its possible to find pleasant relaxation among the greeneries at “Jardi Botanic”. This is a botanical garden where one can calmly enjoy siesta or an evening under the sunset whilst enjoying rare botanical treasures arranged in artful ways.

How to reach Valencia? The city has an international airport which is almost 5.8 miles from the city center and several low cost air lines have the full day access from across Europe and the worlds elite cities like New York, London etc. From the airport a bus service and several private taxi networks take tourists to the city center or location of their accommodation for only a few euros. Once unpacked and ready to explore you may choose a guided bus tour of the town or a sea view trip on a tour boat to get a basic idea of the metropolitan city and its layout. Valencia further has a huge port with short term rentals available for visiting sailors.

valencia beaches

For day trips from Valencia there are excellent options in the southern direction towards Alicante. A few suggestions could be the historic town of Gaudalest built into the mountain side and maintained for centuries, the modern marina of Denia or a day at the glorious sandy beach of the Arenal in Javea

The visit to the Valencia city and area is surely going to be a life time experience and a must go holiday destination in Spain.

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Holiday In Kenya

Kenya calls itself the heart of Africa. It isnt far off the truth. The east African country is famous for its amazing wildlife and the Masai Mara primarily, but it offers incredible holiday opportunities for just about every taste.

We took advantage of the Kenyan lifestyle and travel blog to get a grip on the country before flying to Kenyatta International Airport in Nairobi.

From a base in Nairobi we went to an endless number of interesting places. Our main focus was on wildlife experience and local Kenyan culture. And we got all our hearts desired. Nairobi is a real metropolis with lots of buzz, all modern facilities, plenty of nice hotels and a security situation way beyond most African capitals – you feel no less safe than in London, Paris or Berlin in Nairobi.

Nairobi National Park

nairobi national park

We ventured to the Nairobi National Park to go on the protected savanna. Seeing zebras, giraffes, ostriches, exotic African birds, gazelles and much more besides. At the entrance to the national park in Nairobi you´ll find an animal park with all the animals of Kenya including lions, giraffes and much more aside. A well worth day out driving in the Nairobi National Park wilderness spotting animals!

Have a great time in Kenya!

A holiday in Kenya might just be the time of your life – fear not, get it booked and simply enjoy a wonderful east African vacation


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Valencia, Spain: Holiday Exploits

Valencia, Spain: Holiday Exploits

The city of Valencia is the third-largest city in Spain. The city is spread across the Mediterranean coast south of Barcelona. This geographical privilege affords Valencia with beautiful and stunning beaches and coastal fronts and a good climate.

Aside from the pristine beaches, Valencia has everything that you can ask for a holiday destination. It has a rustic countryside lined with rugged mountains and populated by orange groves. And on the urban and modern side, the city is proud to showcase its urban landscape dotted by futuristic architecture. And it also has a colorful and bustling old town to contrast the modernity of the city.

Things to Do in Valencia

1. Soak up the Sun

Since Valencia is on the Mediterranean coast, the city is blessed with beautiful beaches and a nice climate conducive for sunbathing and other beach activities.

Top 5 Beaches in Valencia

  • Playa de Malvarrosa
  • Playa e Levante o de la arenas
  • El Saler
  • Devesa
  • Puerto de Sagunto Beach

2. Hot Spring Dipping

If you’re tired of the same old beaches, you can try hot springs. The hot spring is only 90km north of Valencia. This spot is still unknown to may tourists and travelers, so the place is still pristine and unspoiled. This is perfect if you want to avoid crowds of eager tourists. Or if you are adventurous, you can climb the cliff over the lagoon and jump directly into the bubbling hot spring below.

3. Do the Fallas

Fallas is a local festivity for their patron Saint, Saint Joseph the carpenter. Fallas were the combustible materials burnt during the eve of the festivity. In this festival, you can see huge paper mache models built by the locals, fireworks popping everywhere and lots of dancing and parades on the streets.

4. Shop ‘till you Drop

If you love shopping, you can visit Valencia’s Central Market, which is located at the Plaza del Mercado, opposite the Lonja de la Seda (Silk Exchange). This market is one of the oldest in Europe and has an outstanding architecture. You can buy anything here from different produce to souvenirs.

Things to See in Valencia

1. City of Arts and Science

This is the famous and most beautiful landmark of the city. It’s a mega complex designed by Valencia’s own architect, Santiago Calatrava. This architectural wonder has an aquarium, which is the biggest in Europe, Science Museum, planetarium and an IMAX laser cinema.

2. Torres de Quart

Torres de Quart is a magnificent fortress which is part of the old fortification of the city. The walls here bore the scars of the Napoleon’s canon balls.

3. Torres de Serranos

Torres de Serranos is one of Valencia’s famous landmarks. It is an ancient gateway to the city constructed in Gothic style and it is the largest in Europe.

4. La Lonja de la Seja – Silk Exchange

This magnificent complex is a UNESCO World Heritage site. It was constructed during the 15th century when Valencia was at the summit of its golden age.

5. Cathedral of Santa Maria de Valencia

This is a Gothic-style cathedral constructed between the 13th and 15th century. The Cathedral has in its possession some examples of rare Quattrocento paintings.

Trips to Valencia
Most visitors to the Valencia region stay by the beaches south of Valencia to enjoy a week or two in the Spanish sun. However, there is plenty of reason to schedule a city break to Valencia itself. Do the falls, explore the food or see the sights of the Valencia Capital. Of course, if you are staying in one of the sea side beach resorts south of Valencia on the Costa Blanca such as Denia, Gandia, Altea or maybe in a holiday rental in Javea, Calpe or Moraira – a day trip or weekend away from the beach to enjoy the wonders of Valencia during your vacation might be the perfect variation thats puts the icing on the cake and makes it your dream holiday in Spain


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Gandia beach – The Real Spain

Are you sat reading this in the UK and looking out of the window at the rain dripping down the windows? Gloomy huh? What about a bit of sun to cheer you up? It’s a rare thing to see that shiny orange hot thing in the UK, but I know a place where it’s abundant all year year round, in fact, I know somewhere that if you are looking for a holiday in the sun, you will love this place.

Gandia beach. No, it’s nothing to do with Ghandi, the Indian fella (!), it’s a lovely, small resort on the northern Costa Blanca, on Spain’s east coast and its services by both Alicante and Valencia airports, with regular flights from most Uk destinations.

The town is about an hours drive north from the famous resort of Benidorm, but is much further away in terms of class, style, and authenticity, attracting a discerning holidaymaker, and the area is home to several nationalities of expats such as British, Irish, French, German, Norwegian and Dutch, so a real international flavour, but retaining that “real” Spain feel.

If you need refreshment, there are a few bars and cafes dotted around that are run by expats, so if you miss your favourite food, it is here, but not to the extent of the more traditional resorts.

Gandia is very traditional and low-key and does NOT attract the lager louts or beetroot-red “ee love, fish and chips twice mate” type of crowd, clad in their Primark Union jack shorts, tattoos, and only missing one more thing, the pit bull, because they couldn’t get it past customs.

 Low key holiday.

Gandia is low key and that’s why people come here, that’s what they like. Gandia is split into two main areas, the town, and the beach. The town is a great place to look around and get a real feel for the “real” spain, and see everyday folk going about their business. This gives you a feel for what it must be like to live here.

In addition, there are several local fiestas worth watching, in fact as I write this, there is a (Very noisy) moors and Christians festival going on as we speak!

A short drive brings you to Gandia beach (“Playa Gandia”) and you will find a lovely wide, sandy beach which goes on for about 2 miles, and is lined with low rise buildings and quaint little bars and restaurants, meaning that, once again comparing to Benidorm, this is as far removed as you can get from a tacky tourist spot, and walking around here you get a feeling of calm, great for a peaceful holiday away from theme parks, screaming kids and the ubiquitous sunglasses sellers who pester people in the resorts down south.

The real spain.

As I said above, you will NOT find KFC, fish n chips or a decent Cornish pasty, NOTE: YOU ARE IN SPAIN!!….and therefore there are plenty of opportunities to dine in a variety of restaurants during your stay, and can sample any type of dish you care to imagine, although most of it is Spanish food, and if you are on vacation here, you would be best advised to actually try it, you never know, you might like it!

There are also boat trips available, to soak up even more of the Spanish sun, and trips can be taken to Denia, Jávea, Calpe and Altea, however if you have time on your hands, it is actually possible to take a boat from nearby Denia, to Ibiza, if you really feel you can’t spend the week here without going wild and partying till you drop!

There are lots of day trips to be taken to nearby towns, or an hour and half up the motorways, you can visit the wonderful cvity of Valencia which has museums, galleries, attractions and more bars and restaurants than you can shake a stick at!

All in all, for a peaceful, authentic and “real” holiday in the sun, check out Gandia beach this year, I think you will enjoy it!

Gandia Travel Report from Guy Alexander Bell

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Marina Alta Holidays on the Mediterrenean

The Marina Alta area of Spain stretches along the coast of the Mediterranean from Denia in the North to Calpe further south. Along the Marina Alta route you´ll find plenty of charming villages and busy sea side beach resorts, that all make for excellent holiday destinations with each their special characteristics and features.

Using the Marina Alta area as the base for a sailing vacation on the Mediterranean adds an entirely new dimension however. The glorious mountainous coastline, the hidden little coves that are only accessible from sea and tiny uninhabited islands are spread all along the Costa Blanca coast.

marina alta seasailing-holiday-mediterranean

It is possible to hire boats of largely all sizes, types and levels however obviously you still need to book your spaces in the marinas you wish to visit along the way. Alternatively, of course you can make the journey to the Mediterranean yourself and the marinas will cater for your needs during the journey.

The marina in Denia makes for a rather large, luxurious and well equipped starting point of a Marina Alta holiday at sea in the Mediterranean. The Americas Cup used the Denia marina facilities, several cruise ships enter the picturesque town every year and the marina area has every pleasant facility a sailor about to head to sea might need (read more about holidays in Denia).

Heading south from Denia you pass the Cabo De San Antoni that stretches out from the iconic mount Montgo. Behind the cape you reach the Jávea port with its relatively small but lively marina. The Jávea port features a vibrant latin vibe with promenades along the seafront, plenty of excellent seafood restaurants and narrow little shopping streets to explore. Spending a few days in Jávea will allow you to further investigate the traditional village life in the historic center, lay on the sandy Arenal beach in the tourist part of town to catch some sun (read more about Javea beaches) or time your sailing holiday visit in Jávea to coincide with one of the exciting authentic Spanish fiestas such as Fogueras De San Juan, Moors and Christians or Jesus De Nazareth.

The Jávea port features an active little fleet of fishermen’s boats and trawlers attached to the marina lending extra life and activity to the area – and ensuring amazingly fresh dishes at the local sea food restaurants.

portitxol island

Heading further south from Jávea you have the opportunity to enjoy amazing scenery at places like Portitxol island and cove, the Cabo De La Nao and Granadella cove. Plenty of these coves provide sheltered waters that are ideal for letting the anchor sink and have an enjoyable break in the stunning nature of the Northern Costa Blanca.

The option is there to follow the coastline further south past El Moraig, Benitatchell and Moraira to finally land at the tourist resort in Calpe. The town of Calpe is a rather busy little seaside town, particularly during the hot summer months, but the surrounding nature still has unique and unspoilt features to behold and enjoy.

costa blanca sailing

Sailing the Marina Alta part of the Mediterranean sea might just prove to be the perfect holiday in Spain for you and your family. The nature simply has to be experienced in all its overwhelming beauty, the sea is relatively peaceful outside of the stormy seasons and the marinas are all welcoming visiting sailors with open arms and plenty of charm!

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Løkken – Danish Beach Resort

During the cold Danish winters the coastal village of Løkken is a sleepy little town without much going on. In the summer time however it springs to life as a magnet for beach happy Scandinavians and tourists from further afar. The main feature of Løkken is a stunning sand beach that stretches for kilometers just beyond the dunes from the picturesque little village in Northern Jutland of Denmark.

Loekken Denmarkloekken strand

The beaches in Denmark are public and free to visit. Pack your picnic bag and head down for a day of joy in the sand. The beaches are kept at a high standard in terms of cleanliness and strict regulations hinders tacky shops or buildings from shooting up on the beach areas. All those types of things stay beyond the dunes in the resorts, thus leaving the beaches pleasantly clean and unspoilt.

Løkken itself is a charming little town in the summer with a very active night life featuring several discotheques, night clubs and bars. During certain years Løkken has rightly obtained a bit of a reputation for being too much of a youth party location in the summers with camp-site events involving little else than alcohol and disco vibes. More recently though a nice balance has been found making it a pleasant and happening location for all ages.

Danish summers can be temperamental weather wise, but luckily the Løkken beach resort is within easy driving distance of the interesting city of Aalborg, that has plenty of activities to offer for days away from the beaches. Another option is a little daytrip up to the Northern tip of Jutland, Skagen. Famous for its ancient tiny fishermans houses, painters such as Holger Drachmann, Krøyer and not least, Anna and Michael Ancher. On top of the sea food restaurants, the rich cultural inputs and the amazing old buildings in Skagen, you can walk out onto the exact tip of the European peninsula and stand there with one foot in each ocean, exactly where they meat.

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Costa Blanca Amusement Parks

Your life in the city is far from boring. However, at times you are too stressed out with the same sight every day that you want to drive to the airport, get a ticket and board a plane that’s going somewhere else where there’s a definitely different view. And Spain is absolutely one great destination you should consider visiting.

This European country has been a top destination for tourists coming from all corners of the world for its traditional architectural designs, wonderful climate, and amazing places to see. One of them is the Costa Blanca Region, the “White Coast” of Europe. And if you are looking for a fun-filled adventure in this place, you shouldn’t miss out on Costa Blanca theme parks and nature parks.


Costa Blanca Nature Parks
Isn’t it great to see the natural beauty of God’s creation? It makes you think that there is more to life than taxis, restaurants and subways.  Costa Blanca theme parks are not just about architectures and man-made landscapes; they also feature what we can call the “Paintings by God.”

Palm orchards are one of the relaxing greens of the earth. Their shades can bring out the good vibes in you. Huerta del Cura Park is the marvelous garden where these trees found their roots. By just strolling around the park can be fairly calming.

If you love the heights, panoramic views and go a good hiking distance, the Montgo Natural Park in the town of Javea awaits your excited steps. This gathering limestone ascends above the towns of Denia and Javea. The summit will make you realize how small you are compared to the world, because the scene you are about to see when you get to the top is the boundless view of Javea and beyond other towns, including Spain’s famous island of Ibiza. An additional bonus of the park is the chance to see unique species of foxes, weasels, rabbits and other animals.

Mundomar Aquatic Park is for the water lovers. Sea-creatures are the main characters of the different aquatic shows for your entertainment. But they take the backstage if you’re more of an adventurous traveler. The park is also place of slides, bridges, wall climbing, swings, rappelling, and ramps among others.


Costa Blanca Amusement Parks
If you think nature is not so much of a fun vacation to you at this time of the year, Costa Blanca theme parks that are filled with adrenaline rushing rides will worth your every dime.

Torrevieja Aquopolis Water Park is the right blend of sun and water. Their attractions are divided into three categories: children, moderate, and high emotion. Warning: If your heart’s weak, don’t get your blood rushing into the high emotion rides like the Kamikazee or Speed slides. Blackhole is yet another scary water ride as you plunge into darkness aboard a mere float.

Terra Mitica Theme Park is perhaps the most celebrated attraction in the whole of Costa Blanca because of its ancient-civilization-inspired landscape and designs. Based fro the five empires – Greece, Rome, Iberia, Egypt and Mediterranean Islands—Terra Mitica is more than just roller coasters. You will be taken centuries back with the shows that tell the legends and myths of the ancient world. Read more about the Costa Blanca Terra Mitica here.


Discount Entry To Costa Blanca Theme Parks
It can be expensive to take your entire family to the theme parks of the Costa Blanca. However, most of them feature discount schemes and vouchers to be found for rebates on entry or rides.

For instance, Aqualandia and Terra Mitica have several discount vouchers available that you can pick up at Costa Blanca McDonalds restaurants, BP petrol stations and several other places. Be on the lookout or ask your travel agent.

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Beach Holidays in Spain

Summer has arrived in Europe but the spoils are unevenly split. Northern Europe and the UK are struggling through heavy rain, floods and cold cloudy days whilst life by the Mediterranean is lived by the beaches in over 30degrees with night time temperatures even creeping above 25.

But where to take your family for a perfect holiday on the beach? The options are many and the beaches are sandy!

Spanish Beaches are Perfect Holiday Destinations
In general the Spanish beaches are extremely pleasant, safe and featuring all the facilities your family might need. There are exceptions of course, but generally the bigger the resort around the beach, the more facilities and activities there will be. Obviously, a bigger resort comes with more crowded beaches, a bigger potential for petty theft types of crimes and a noisy night life as well, whereas some of the cosy smaller resorts might be more relaxing surroundings for a family break in Spain.

The first step before booking your dream holidays in Spain is to consider your preferences for a second.

Do you want to go out for wild fiestas and parties all night or do you prefer a calm and quiet holiday with orderly family meals in pleasant restaurants without disturbances from loud discos? Are you bringing young toddlers that need activities and particularly safe beaches to have a nice stay in Spain? Do you love or hate big crowded beaches with thousands of other people swimming and sunbathing?

The answers will determine the best beach in Spain to be heading for!

Benidorm – Glorious Beaches, Package Deals and Crazy Night Life
The biggest beach resort on the Costa Blanca is Benidorm. Famous for huge inviting sandy beaches but also for the influx of travelers on cheap package deals primarily interested in the crazy night life, cheap bars and all night discos.

Benidorm has everything the heart might desire and is in effect a huge multicultural party town built round the white sandy beaches. If you are a gang of mates wanting a fun week away from the rain, Benidorm is perfect!


However, if your preference is a more relaxing holiday with your kids, Benidorm might not be the best option as the wild parties tend to spill out into the streets and onto the beaches, the sheer size of the place makes it less comfortable with small kids and the volume of tourists tend to attract unpleasant criminal elements too.

However, if you want some of the best beaches in Europe combined with fun nights out and endless entertainment, there is no better place than Benidorm!

Javea – Perfect Holidays in Spain
Javea is perhaps the ideal location for a holiday with kids in Spain. The shallow bay and safe Blue Flag beaches of Jávea are white and sandy with plenty of activities in the surrounding areas to keep the entire family amused and entertained. The town has that perfect combination of sandy beaches, facilities for tourists and traditional Spanish life that makes for a really pleasant vacation abroad. It isnt all just created in honor of the visiting tourists, but there is plenty of interesting social activities, pleasant spots to visit and lovely restaurants in Jávea to form the perfect surroundings for a summer in the sun.

javea beach bar

Javea is still a small enough resort that it doesnt attract the problems bigger resorts do such as crime, drunks or overcrowding but the village resort is equally big enough that the restaurants are plentiful and the Javea night life vibrant.  Further, Jávea has the authentic Spanish charm that is often lost in the beach resorts and the traditional village has its own life with cultural events, crazy Spanish style fiestas all summer long and the port sports a pleasant marina with promenades and sailing trips out to sea.

The main attraction of Jávea is still the glorious beach, the Arenal Beach of Javea, however there are plenty of activities for kids in Javea all summer long, trips available to the natural parks on Montgo and several hidden gems such as the Granadella beach and Portitxol Island to explore and admire.

If you want just one recommendation for a holiday in Spain, it would be Jávea.

javea beach

Torrevieja – Pearl Of The Southern Costa Blanca
Torrevieja has no less than 5 blue flag beaches, several marinas and plenty to see and do – read the indepth look at Torrevieja Beach Holidays here

Denia – The Classy Beach Resort To The North
The former Americas Cup host Denia has something very stylish and classy about it. Is it the gold plated rubbish bins or the amazingly well kept marina? Who can say?

But the beaches are nice, the prices are high and the quality is excellent at a Denia Beach Holiday


Moraira – Tranquil and Family Friendly
On the “You know you have lived too long in Spain”-meme Moraira is featured as the place everyone forgot existed. Truth be told, it isnt the most happening place in the world, but it does have some severely appealing features, that might just make it a perfect destination for you anyway.

Moraira is a calm and authentic Spanish village resort, the beach is family friendly, the tourists tend to be a bit more mature than the drinking gangs of Benidorm and crime is virtually non-existing. Read all about Holidays in Moraira

moraira spaincalpe and moraira

The beaches of Spain are perfect for summer holidays in the sun! Take your pick and enjoy a fantastic vacation with your family.


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